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Music Services

Get Your Music

The Attention It Deserves


True Talent PR will get you or your band the exposure you need. With deep relationships with thousands of contacts in film, TV, radio, A&R, publishing, music supervision, video games and advertising, our two decades of experience will get you to the next level and generate the attention you are seeking.

True Talent PR has been featured in the New York Times, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, the cover of Music Connection magazine and has also been a featured speaker on numerous film and television panels and radio shows.

We have taught the class "Music Supervision for Film & Television" at

UCLA Extension for two years.


  • PR

  • Music Supervisor pitching

  • Film/TV Licensing

  • Consulting

  • Artist Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing

  • Promotion

  • Radio Promotion

  • Social Media

Music supervisors, film and television executives, as well as tastemakers in the advertising and video game and trailer businesses all look to True Talent to provide music for their projects. As such, these key players are constantly contacting True Talent PR whenever they are looking for music.


As a result, True Talent PR is in a very unique position unlike no other company. Not only do we have the respect of all these key tastemakers, but we've been doing this for over fifteen years - long before everyone "jumped on the bandwagon" of film/tv licensing and it became the hottest way to break new acts.


TV is considered "the new radio" as a single placement will be heard by millions of TV watchers at a time.

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